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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

MTB Slam – Mystery Tackle Box – From a Kayak By Gene Jensen

Oct 30, 2016 Enjoy this month's MTB Slam.

MTB Slam for September – Bass Fishing Frog Fishing Heaven – Gene Jensen – October 4,2016

Oct 4, 2016 This month I filmed my MTB Slam on Lake Chickamauga. The Frog bite was so good that I forgot what I was doing. Join my Fishing Shirt of the Month Club - https://fishingshirtofthemonth.com/

What Lures to Match With a Medium Fishing Rod – Bass Fishing

Sep 28, 2016 To continue my series on what bass fishing lures go with what rods this video covers the Medium Fast rod. It's my favorite rod and covers a lot of lures in my box. Join the Fishing Shirt of the Month Club - https://fishingshirtofthemonth.com ******************************************************************** Be...

Matching a Lure to the Right Rod and Reel – Finesse Bass Fishing

Sep 27, 2016 The Question that I get asked the most often is what rod do I need to use for what lure when bass fishing. It is a tough question to answer in one video so I'm going to make several of them so...

Why I Started Making Videos about Fishing by Gene Jensen September 20,2016

Published on Sep 20, 2016 Many years ago I had some Boy Scout who wanted to learn how to fish but I worked weekends and couldn't take them fishing. That's why I came up with the idea to make fishing videos and put them on...

A Trip to Tennessee and My Wife’s First Bass

Sep 15, 2016 I took a bass fishing trip to Tennessee to meet up with Chad Hoover of Kayak Bass Fishing. Our day started at 4am and didn't slow down. With some help from Chad my wife was able to catch and land her first...

Bass Fishing Matted Grass with Hollow Body Frogs by Gene Jensen

Published on Sep 13, 2016 I went bass fishing on Lake Chickamauga specifically to film a frog video. Although it won't get good for a few more weeks I was able to put something together that should help you catch more bass out of matted...

Bass Fishing – Money Saving Tips By Gene Jensen

Published on Sep 2, 2016 Making the switch to braided line for my bass fishing could be costly but here are some tips that I use to save me money in the long run.

Here is One Way to Fish Submerged Grass By Gene Jensen

September 1,2016 Another great tip by Gene Jensen

Bass Fishing – Day on The Lake – Developing a Pattern By Gene Jensen

Today I take you bass fishing with me and show you how I use the current conditions to develop a pattern. It doesn't always turn out that way but today it did.